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Brick Painting in Nashville, TN

We are specialize in painting or refinishing the surface of bricks. We use various techniques and materials to achieve a desired look or finish on the bricks, which may include patterns, designs, or colors that enhance the appearance of a building or structure.

Typically working on exterior surfaces, such as walls, chimneys, or other brickwork, however we also can paint interior brick surfaces. 

Painting brick has unique challenges and proper preparation must be taken to ensure your home looks beautiful & survives the elements.

  • Proper cleaning & preparation is taken on every single job.
  • We fill & seal every single crack in your masonry for increased longevity.
  • We apply appropriate primers & sealers for each type of masonry surface.
  • We use the correct top coats for your type of masonry surface

We offer three different services for coating brick and masonry.

Solid Stain – 

Solid stain is an excellent option for a completely opaque look. It is self priming, breathable, and comes in endless colors. We traditionally used Solid stain on newer masonry services as it maintains the texture and look of the Brick without much build up.

Masonry primer/Top coat –

Masonry primers balance the PH of the surface and insure proper adhesion. After priming we use a self cleaning masonry topcoat. We use this method on older brick that is porous and weathered. The texture builds up more than Solid stain and gives and a more uniformed look to older homes.

Mineral Paints –

We offer high end mineral coatings for those that desire its aesthetic and performance. Mineral paints offer a totally breathable finish and a dead flat look.

We will discuss the best option for your project during your free estimate and consultation.